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"Being familiar with Myers-Briggs and other personality-type indicators has been useful, but Human Dynamics has been the capstone of my self-understanding. " - Bob Barkley, Jr., National Education Association

"Over 25,000 teachers have now received Human Dynamics training in Sweden. Human Dynamics training enables us to understand and accommodate the different learning and developmental needs of our students, making our work as teachers both easier and much more successful." - Berit Bergström, Sweden - Educator

"What makes Human Dynamics so precious to me is that it promotes values such as tolerance, understanding and respect. People can learn to celebrate differences rather than see them as a threat." - Nirit Noy, Psychotherapist, Israel

"The work of Human Dynamics is seminal. Those of us involved in building learning organizations will look back in ten years’ time, and wonder how we had ever proceeded without this understanding and appreciation of the diversity of human functioning." - Peter Senge, Associate Professor, M.I.T. Author of “The Fifth Discipline”


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Eve Seagal, daughter of Sandra Seagal (right) and David Horne, the founders of Human Dynamics. Eve currently holds the title of Vice-President of Human Dynamics International.

The critically acclaimed book by Sandra Seagal & David Horne: “Human Dynamics: A New Framework for Understanding People and Realizing the Potential in our Organizations”.

Watch Peter Senge, the author of “The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning “ and his view on Human Dynamics.    

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Our programs and seminars have been conducted around the world during the past 25 years.  We have provided our services to over 1000 organizations including many Fortune 500 companies. Learn more →  

Powerful, illuminating, and transformational, Human Dynamics seminars provide a foundation for success in any organization. We have trained thousands of business executives, teachers, and health-care professionals.  Learn more →  

Socrates’ words ‘know thyself’ indicate the importance of deepening our self-understanding. Discover your inherent strengths and capacities through the lens of Human Dynamics.  Learn  more →  

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